In the world of home ownership in Switzerland and France, there are different types of intermediaries designated as brokers in :

  • Property : for the purchase/sale and/or rental of a property, also known as an “estate agent” in France,
  • Insurance : for the sale of “ loan insurance”, also known as “borrower’s insurance” in France, which is mandatory when taking out a home loan, or “mortgage insurance” in Switzerland (optional),
  • Finance : search for “property finance”, also known as “property credit/loan/borrowing” in France or “mortgage loan/private credit/mortgage” in Switzerland for use in buying a first or second home or a rental property.

Our core business is brokering property financing (France & Switzerland) and loan insurance (France only).

Our uniqueness is the result of the certified technical skills acquired in the France-Switzerland border area, which enable us to offer foreign currency loans (in Swiss francs or euros) to an international clientele (French- or English-speaking) who live either side of the border, where we have a presence, thanks to our two offices : Ferney-Voltaire and Meyrin-Satigny.

Our mission is to respond to the needs of private individuals only regarding :

>The search for a financing solution and assessment of the amount they can borrow when they find a property they want to buy (before they sign a reservation contract or a sales agreement),

>The need to obtain a personalised loan calculation to determine their ability to repay a loan based on the information provided (their personal, family, financial, professional, legal and banking status), in conjunction with :

    • What type of residence they are looking for (first or second home or rental property)
    • The amount of the property that needs financing, with or without work
    • The overall rate package offered by banks and financial institutions

>The actual request for property financing in France or Switzerland, in the light of the information above and the paperwork that needs to be submitted for an application,

>The renegotiation of interest rates on their current loan to obtain a more attractive rate for the financing plan,

>The redemption of a mortgage by one of the spouses (in the event of divorce proceedings, for example),

>The consolidation of loans to free up cash or reduce debt,

>The request for loan insurance granted at the same time as the loan application process, on the day contracts are signed at the bank (the most common situation in France), or at a different time : known as “delegation of insurance”.