Property finance for private individuals has changed a lot in recent years. A number of factors have contributed :

  • The world of banking is undergoing change at the political, structural and digital levels,
  • New players in the banking insurance and property market, particularly in France,
  • Constant expansion of personal mortgage brokerage in Europe,
  • Introduction of new European agreements and bilateral ones between France and Switzerland,
  • The emergence of new technologies such as Blockchain !

These changes have an impact on new patterns of consumption, particularly the approach to purchasing, financing and owning property, and the reasons for doing so.

If quick, universal and free access to information and comparators makes solving a simple equation possible (How much should I borrow and at what rate?), there is still a need to carry out a personalised assessment in order to adjust properly to these new consumption patterns. This is what our certified consulting firm can offer, thanks to strong local reputation based on its skills, its network of partners and banking relationships built up over the years in this cross-border region by its founder David DUCARD, who used to be an authorised representative of LCL bank (formerly known as Crédit Lyonnais) and assistant to the management of a large international brokerage firm in Geneva.

Our philosophy is based on long-term support for our customers and bespoke assistance for their projects using our expertise with :

  • Banking at a technical level, helping them choose the best solution in the light of all of the variables (their profile, what they are looking for, rates, insurance, bank fees)
  • Property at a financial level, helping them choose a project in keeping with what they are looking for (location, objectives, level of debt)
  • Finance at an educational level, helping them understand how money works and how to assess risk and contingency (loss or change of job, health and death, retirement and inheritance)
  • Ethics at the level of banking ethics, helping them to be transparent in their dealings with their chosen bank.

Our satisfied customers have always been our best ambassadors ! With a loyalty rate close to 90% and a wide range of banking partners, Prêt Immo Conseils is your best guarantee of success because of our high acceptance rate and the amount of time and money you will save.