Our firm has received annual certification for 25 years from Orias, a national register that issues approvals for brokerage in banking and insurance transactions, and is authorised to offer you comprehensive insurance provision in France using its expertise and its network of partners.

Our firm can advise you when taking out borrower’s insurance that includes guaranteed coverage for a property loan (in € or CHF), which is mandatory when buying a property for residential use in France.

It covers the main risks : death (DC), complete and irreversible loss of autonomy (PTIA), total temporary and permanent disability (ITT and IPT), and loss of employment (PE), if required. Choosing this cover will depend on your outlook, your ability to manage the risks associated with a change of situation, your health, and of course the cost. Under the new statutory provisions, you have two options : either take out a group policy (joint policy) offered by the bank retained for your loan (the most common situation) or an alternative individual policy (delegation of insurance) with the same coverage. For more information, see our section entitled “Borrower’s insurance : a group or individual policy ?

Taking out loan insurance is governed by a clear legal framework in France. As soon as you make a new loan application with the bank and/or our firm, any information provided and the processing of that information constitute an authorisation that sets out both parties’ obligations, particularly the requirement to complete the medical questionnaire related to the insurance. And so it is essential to consult an expert to understand how this cover works and make the right choice.

Our firm can advise you regarding other types of insurance related to your change of residence and can direct you towards its network of partners, who are specialists in various areas of insurance, including :