Unlike standardised soulless relationships characterised by virtual banking, at Prêt Immo Conseils, we have been focusing on the human dimension for 25 years, whether in email, telephone or face-to-face contact, or through the quality of the technical, financial, educational and ethical advice we give you.

To help you deal with the complexity and range of property financing products, our firm will answer your questions and respond to your needs, either by supporting you with your current bank, or by directing you to an institution that is more likely to meet your expectations.

From the outset, it should be noted that our ethics is based on intuitu personae nature (people’s personal aspect) as well as the conditions requested to obtain a loan. From the contractual relationship standpoint, our field experience acquired with local banking institutions makes the difference !

What makes us stand outPrêt Immo Conseils is used to negotiating with the bankers, on your behalf, week in week out, in its local agencies : for rates, insurance, early payment indemnity, a range of terms and conditions (standing orders, release of funds, etc.). As people are by definition just as complex as bank acceptance processes, which vary from one organisation to another, we very frequently have to solve difficult problems. This is what our firm is able to offer you as a result of our incomparable experience and skills.

However, in the end, a loan application is always a matter of persuasion and presentation !