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FDL Consulting

Your right partner for a successful settling in

FDL consulting offers expertise and valuation in order to achieve the successful completion of the settling-in process designed to help the international clients of Prêt Immo Conseils, either in Haute-Savoie as well as in Pays-de- Gex.

With 20 years of experience in the service industry (luxury hospitality, event organisation, gifted children’s education, relocation for expats) and created in 2013, FDL consulting is introducing a new concept with assisting buyers at the time of its property delivery in Divonne, Prévessin and Chevry - 3 real estate programs - built by a local and premium developer. Since 2015, FDL Consulting has been working with the European leader of the MNM medicine in providing relocation solutions to assist its new staff members based in St Genis-Pouilly.

Our personalized support is dedicated to border citizens and/or non-residents as well as first-time purchasers into the Pays-de-Gex specific area. Highly appreciated, it enhances the human element within business relationships. Also, it successfully contributes to the permanent and sociocultural integration of the family’s purchaser into the local economy. According to your needs, 2 options are available, in both French and English :

A personal consultation, either on site or at home, to manage the :

  • Moving-in : logistics to destination (i.e. vehicle, pets, furniture, hospitality)
  • Settling-in : handling of utilities (TV & Web & phone operators, optical fiber, electricity,
      water & heating, maintenance, recycling, co-ownership rules and regulations),
      layout & interior decoration.
  • Integration : sociocultural elements (transport, healthcare, shopping, sports & leisure equipment)
  • Immigration : arrival procedures such as administrative and professional approaches.

Tailored assistance programs (both directly or via specialists), either in France & Switzerland, on :

  • Education & child care solutions
  • Taxation & wealth management
  • Welcome pack in the French-Swiss border area

Exclusive offer for Prêt Immo Conseils !

Unique and included in the FDL consultation is : a French-English settling-in guide that will be offered to you and adapted to the municipality of your place of residence. Updated once a year, this guide helps saving your time (and money !) while providing a lot of practical and detailed information.

Please do not hesitate to ask for a meeting arrangement including fees (individuals) or for a special and innovative partnership agreement (businesses) and contact FDL Consulting by email to : info@fdlconsulting.com or by telephone to : +33 682 201 420.